Inner Darkness

Christine Sutton

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This month (I know I am STILL a bit behind...sorry) I was so thrilled to have a chat with the always amazing, Janus Gangi! Janus is an amazing author, as well as a great person that brings light wherever she goes. In addition to being an extreme sweetheart, Janus is an incredible support to the Indie writing community. Let's take a minute to show our appreciation to this wonderful woman!

CS: Janus, thank you so much for taking time to talk to me today I very much appreciate it. How is your day going so far?

Janus: First, thank you so much for thinking of me it is an honor to be on your blog.The day has been busy but blessed so far.

CS: The honor is definitely all mine. So we will get right down to it. I have read and thoroughly enjoyed your series of books. Can you tell us a little bit about the inspiration for those books?

Janus: My first inspiration was that I read the Twilight Series and said to myself, "I can do better than that." and so I gave it a try.

CS: I am sure many people have read those and thought the same thing

Janus: Secondly, I was overwhelmed by the bad press witches have received in the media, and wanted to create a series that shed a positive light on Wicca and witchcraft.

CS: I agree. You are a Wiccan Priestess, correct?

Janus: I am a solitary eclectic witch

CS: I find that really fascinating. What brought you to Wicca?

Janus: My Native American Heritage first and foremost. Also, my father was Roman Catholic and sent me to twelve years of Catholic school where I just never fit in. I started searching around thirteen and many of the Wiccan tenets agreed with my outlook on the Universe.

CS: You definitely are a beautiful soul to so many people, and you are definitely an amazing support for so many authors and readers alike. What is your ultimate goal in regards to writing?

Janus: That people enjoy my work and that I grow as a writer.

CS: Well, I think that you have definitely reached those goals. Of course, growth is ongoing. 
Are there any authors that have had a strong influence on you and/or your writing?

Janus: I do have some favorite writers. Some, for the sheer joy of reading a fantastic tale and others because they have mentored me in one way or another. My all-time favorite writer is Kafka. He makes my minds juices overflow. I love all the works of Elaina J.Davidson. Erin O'Quinn tickles my historical fancy. Diane Nelson and her alter egos for her poetic prose. Kim McNeil for her tenacity. And I have loved all of your books from the very first time I read Killers and you made me cry.

CS: I am thrilled to be included in that list of amazing authors!  Thank you. 
Are there any types of books or genres that you dislike reading?

Janus: I do have a hard time reading Zombie books. But, I make exception to that because there is not one Jerry McKinney book that I will miss. Also, Chemical Flowers by Ian Woodhead and Suzanne Reeves was amazing.

CS: He is definitely a great talent. Even though it may seem cliché, is there any advice that you can give to authors or people considering becoming an author?

Janus: Do your best. Seek out others and ask for help. Don't get your panties in a wad when they do critique your work. Never ever give up


CS: Excellent advice. Do you have any other new projects in the works?

Janus: I am just finishing up the rewrites for Stolen Moments as we speak, and it will be going to the editor in a bit. Then, I will continue and finish up White Magick, the second book in the series.

CS: Fantastic. I can't wait! I usually like to end the conversation by giving you the opportunity to say whatever is on your mind. A joke, excerpt from an upcoming work... anything at all. The floor is yours.

Janus: I do have something that I would like to add.

CS: Ok. Shoot. 

Janus: Each one of the Providence Series books is Fantasy but with an additional sub-genre

Stolen Moments is a traditional Fantasy/Romance

Elizabeth Rose was Fantasy/Historical

The Christmas Star was Fantasy/Humor

White Magick Is as of now classified as dark Fantasy/ horror but that may change.

CS: Wow. I am very intrigued.

Janus: I do not believe that we should be held down to one specific genre and so with that in mind I have also thought about an Erotica book and a children's book

CS: I completely agree. Is it possible for us to read a small excerpt from White Magick?

Janus: Sure! Hang on while I open the doc. Does it have to be PG?

CS: Not at all. This is my sandbox; you can say whatever you would like 

Janus: Mind you, my editor has not gotten ahold of this yet.

An excerpt from the soon to be released, White Magick by Janus Gangi

Doubling over in agony, her muscles were screaming, and her stomach was rolling. Which was worse the diarrhea or the vomiting? How did she get this far? Her face glistened from the mixture of sweat and ice, cold water as she stared blankly back at the reflection of a stranger. Who was this girl looking back at her? She didn’t recognize her. The pert well-dressed Barbie-Doll was replaced by a gaunt ragamuffin that didn’t even bother to wash anymore. The bathroom was a battleground her precious creams and make-up neglected and left open mixed in with dirty laundry littered the floor. She couldn’t remember the last time she had clean clothes.
Rattling her purse like a Yahtzee cup she tried to stop her hands from shaking. Pushing cards and letters to one side, she dug deeper running her fingers along the thread worn bottom material and poking them into the corners she only found crumbs and tobacco. Frantically, she dumped everything on the floor, crumpled papers, gum wrappers, flattened goody powder boxes, empty lipstick tubes and pawn tickets lay scattered all over the carpet. As if shards of bamboo were shoved under her nails, stabbing pains shot from her fingertips straight up her arms as she spread out her life’s possessions like a deck of cards all over the rug. Sitting on bended knees, she leaned in closer straining to focus her stinging tear filled eyes she scrutinized every white speck hoping beyond hope that she had overlooked one. Nothing damn it. Her arms clenched her stomach as another wave of cramps forced her head down to the floor. Drawing a deep breath she forced herself to her feet urgently needing to get to the bathroom. But it was too late it was all over her. God damn it, how did she get this far this fast?
She plucked her cell phone from the floor and dialed him. 
“Nicholas, can I come over?” She pleaded.
The bright light of day flooded the entryway when he opened the door. As if plunged by a stake, his chest tightened in misery at the first sight of her gaunt silhouette in the entranceway. His stoic expression transformed into fabricated disgust, masking his true feelings in his carefully planned out masquerade. Abandoning her in the hall, she followed him inside like a stray dog. 
“What do you want?” He asked coldly, avoiding eye contact.
“Come on baby, you know what I want.” Her feet shuffled so quickly behind him, she almost stepped on his heels.
“Pleeeease just one. You know I can give you a good time.”
Nicholas sniggered at her. Maintain the cool, he repeated to himself reinforcing the facade. Confronted once again by the overwhelming temptation to taste her and touch her, he knew, in his weakness, he would succumb. Like a fragile, broken winged bird fluttering inside his heart, it was filled with sadness at the thought that his greatest desire was for her to rid herself of this slave master which had taken hold of her body and soul. 
He walked over to a cabinet and opened a drawer. He pulled out a bag full of little white disks, fished one out of the bag and held it up in front of her. Her eyes were fixed on the white dot that floated between his fingers.
“Just one.”
Her eyes focused hard on the little round object, and she ran her tongue across her dry, cracked lips.
“But you know what you have to do for me.”
Bracing for the oncoming pain she stiffened her body and squeezed her eyes shut. With a fist full of hair, he yanked her head back sunk his fangs deep into her neck, her knees buckled. Pungent copper ignited repressed desire sparking every neuron in his body and erasing any self-control. Capturing her tiny waist, he tightened his hold to bring her flush to his body. His arm folded her close as if willing them to be one. Only she had the ability to make him a slave to his emotions. Fantasies of making gentle, passionate love filled his heart almost to bursting, but maintaining the illusion of hardness almost broke it. When he had his fill, a heavy hand forced her to her knees he ripped open his pants and shoved his hot pulsating rod into her mouth climaxing upon penetration. The tension that had welled up inside him escaped in a loud roar which could be heard throughout the house. 
A white streak flew across the room, the tiny disk landed on the carpet. Eyes fixed on the prize; she lunged for it snatching it up in her hands as if it were gold.
“Get out,” his voice was broken and garbled.
Rising to her feet; her fist shut tight clutching the tiny pill she scrambled for the door.
Drained and defeated Nicholas poured himself a drink and collapsed onto the sofa. His fist came crashing down on the coffee table splitting it in two as the fury that was building up inside him finally exploded. Destiny was playing a cruel trick on him. He harbored a forbidden love in his heart, and the burden was weighing him down. For now, all he could do was numb the pain with another Scotch.

CS: I would like to thank you again so much for taking the time out of your day to talk to me. You are not only a beautiful woman, but a fantastic author and a fantastic person that does so much for the writing community. I am truly blessed to know you.

Janus: Oh sweetheart the pleasure is all mine. Thank you for thinking of me.

CS: Always. Have a wonderful day!

Janus: You too, honey

Janus Gangi

Janus Gangi is a native New Yorker and Native American, in which blood has always been a part of her life. After graduating from Flushing High School, where she majored in music, she was a professional singer/songwriter for a short while. She then went on to medical school and became a Hematology Technologist. She worked for a major non-profit organization, where she was involved in distributing the latest AIDS research information to the top doctors in the United States. She then attended Bible School for six years and went on to be ordained and founded a ministry in New York City. In the early nineties, she moved to East Tennessee where she returned to her roots in the Pagan tradition and went back to school. She now holds degrees in Religious Studies and Psychology in addition to her previous ones. She is an avid amateur Egyptologist, and now enjoys her new found love, writing.